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Captivating Miami Beach Restaurants

Beach Cuisine

Every dining establishment at the Nautilus Sonesta celebrates the vibrant flavors of Florida while paying homage to the rich culinary traditions of Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean. From expertly crafted dishes to signature poolside cocktails and elevated casual bites, all our culinary experiences are crafted to embrace diversity in dietary needs while delivering an authentic Miami Beach culinary experience.

Delectable Options

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The Nautilus Cabana Club

Our signature on-site restaurant, Nautilus Cabana Club, offers a modern take on classic Floridian flavors, presented in an ambiance that seamlessly blends the chic vibe of Miami Beach with the breezy elegance of an indoor-to-outdoor setting.

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Nautilus Bar & Lounge

Ideal for an apéritif or a toast to a special occasion, Nautilus Bar & Lounge serves small bites and locally inspired cocktails in a stylish Art Deco setting.

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Nauti Grind Bodega

From delicate butter croissants and empanadas to creative espressos, teas, and soft drinks, the Nauti Grind Bodega coffee shop provides early-morning coffee fixes and late afternoon cravings from 7 to 7.

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In-Room Dining

Experience the essence of indulgence with Nautilus Sonesta Miami Beach Hotel's In-Room Dining Quad. Enjoy Ocean Breeze Brunch, Sunset Soiree, Midnight Munchies, and Rise & Shine Breakfast—all expertly crafted for your pleasure. Elevate your stay; savor gourmet delights in the comfort of your room.

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